Space Bar 2

thE sPAce baR occupIES tHe LONGEST SPACE
acrylic on board
(50 in X 7.5 in)
This piece of board and mica I found lying outside my apartment block. I don't know what it used to be or what it was part of but I was definitely drawn to its verticalness. And the fact that it had very little space for my strokes. A challenge. A mystery... much like the mystery monolith of 2001: A Space Odessey. But I was not happy working on a smooth surface. So I took a hammer (at the wife's suggestion) and 'banged' a spine in the middle of this surface. The colours came in later to give the spine a cerebro-spinal texture.

And now suddenly on the blog it looks very Japanese...


  1. mystrey monolith of 2008!!

  2. what else did u bang with ur wife...ehehehehe.....

  3. amazing new look!

  4. Hi! Must compliment you on the way you dabble in colors!
    This one has an oriental feel to it


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