Well-Rounded Fish Hooks

Pic by Sahar Z

Made from tuna can tops, electricity wire and strips of wood

The other day I went fishing in a canned food store. My catch cost me 100 bucks or thereabouts. But I felt like such a mad nabob... fishing in a store. So I went to the riverfront, opened the can and fed it to the fishes that had come to look me up.


  1. It's warped. You just turned innocents into cannibalism.

  2. on the contrary... t'was like a Fish Eucharist... they were saved by eating the flesh of their own kind...

  3. exactly... in fact the communion has its roots in the cult of Dionysus... where a symbolic eating of the god meant that you got his powers....

  4. All wars are civil wars because all men are brothers.


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