ParaBrahma: heads in motion

acrylic on canvas
15 in X 15 in

A lotus leaf-shaped vortex that pulls into itself everything...


  1. It's more like the tree of paradise with golden apples, the sky of dawn and crytal blue waterfalls!!

  2. Maharaj:
    how did the exhibit at the Dhoomimal Art Gallery go?

  3. still on Pareshaan... are u in town??

  4. Actually, it is a cross section of the cerebral cortex and the yellow clusters are neural activity. This is what the brain looks like as it smells peppermint and triggers memories.

  5. ur close Steve... these are Brahma's heads in motion... sniffing the etheric mint

  6. No bossman - otherwise would have stopped by for sure - all the best - god willing I will be able to catch your next show.


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