A Matter of Time

What is time? Is it simply the circular race of clock hands? Or the blinking of electronic dots and lines? Or is it the elliptical movement of planets? Or is time just a measure? Is time made up of hours or minutes or seconds, microseconds or nanoseconds? Can we stop time? Is there a quality of time that does not move? What does it mean to be frozen in time? Is there such a thing as the beginning of time? Will there be an end of time? Where’s the past? Who’s seen the future? Is past actually THE past? Or the future, really THE future? Is it possible to visit the past or the future at will? How long is the present? How do we know that this is NOW and not the past? Or the future? Is there a threshold between time and no-time? Does such a liminality exist between them? How do we cross this threshold? Is there a way? Is there a way back?


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