Being in the dark

So many of our insights on positivity are about light. Think about it... Darkness on the other hand is something we fear and loathe. But this fear of the Dark is mostly a fear born out of ignorance and misunderstanding. The fear of the dark is also our fear of the unknown. The unnamed and undefined, the undiscovered, the hidden. If we take the argument further, it is also our fear of nuances. Of finding versions among versions. Being surprised.

What we don't realise is that darkness is as important to us as light. Without darkness there would be no way of defining light. No way of seeing shadows and appreciating 3-dimensional depth. Just think of a scene bathed in bright, white light.

So why has this very important aid to light itself been kept in the dark for so long?


  1. Yes, i value darkness too. But darkness is always a means to can never be an end!!


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