A Play of Proteins

I am not a scientist but from what I've read I reckon most manmade systems and machines are analogues of natural systems. The plane being an analogue of the bird is the most obvious example, but there are many that we first 'invent' and recognise later. One such analogue is the computer. Through the generations of sophisticated and super-sophisticated computers we have been increasing our understanding of the way the brain works or sometimes doesn't. Or how it breaks down, sorts out, stores, interprets and reconfigurates for later use INPUTS or arriving information.
What I find most amazing is that all this information--audio, visual, sensory and now olfactory as well--is stored in binary combinations of just TWO numbers. 0 and 1. Which means all the information in the world is the play of just two numbers. The Universe then could well be inside a particle of sand. So how does all this compare to our own very personal computer? It is my belief that there also exists a similar unit of information within our brains. A thought particle, perhaps. A group or pair of these thought particles could be combining variously at unimaginable speeds to give rise to complex (relatively) thoughts and ideas. In the Age of Free Speech, I think, what's on is an equivalent of an atomic fusion. An atomic fusion of thought particles! And their fusion is giving form and life to these huge and remarkable mutants. And I don’t think we have seen mutants like these before. These thought freaks are being created daily, and with increasing rapidity, in the minds of millions of people across the world. On the surface this may cause a lot of confusion and distress. A lot of ideological ivory towers will crumble, philosophical safe houses will be thrown open to plunder and cherished beliefs will snap like matchsticks. But this will all be on the surface. A very deep surface, but still surface. Why I am saying this is because this fusion will bring a new UNDERSTANDING. A realisation of the basic-ness of thought. A realisation that something so basic couldn't really divide. We've already found out that at the genetic level we are all the same, a play of proteins. This is also a realisation of TRUTH. One basic indivisible truth. So tell me people, what could be so different when everyone’s speaking his/her mind?


  1. Awsome, im still thinking!! This piece of read is pure pleasure!!

  2. Yes, a thought world...where man for the first time ever, is not hunter-gatherer, not in the here-and now zone but in the if-and-why zones. A universe moving towards a truth so simple, so profound that it's unknown. And in its KNOWING, in the WHY ARE WE WHAT WE ARE, is peace, freedom from creation and re-birth and therefore, the end of the universe? From supernova, to an explosion of thought-light, feeling, sound, love and no more beginnings and ends. No MORE.

  3. Thanks Nits,
    Am glad u cud make it here!!


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