Blind Vision

As I kid I was hugely fascinated by the way the blinds at my father’s office spliced up the view outside into horizontal pieces. How with each tweak of the lever slivers of the outside got thinner and thinner until they were completely swallowed up by the blinds.

The blinds to me seemed a very fine way of shredding reality to bits. Especially that which didn’t appeal to me. In pulling the blinds I got to edit reality. Play god in a cameo role.

I also liked the word. BLINDS. The plural singularity of it. Blind, up until then only meant pitiable folk whom god or tragedy had deprived of vision. Nowhere did the word suggest a way of cutting up vision.

Whenever I went to my father’s office I’d sit by the window, grab the lever and begin my game of cutting and joining back bits of the outside. It was something my ordinary window at home could never do. God, I imagined, too must sit behind similar blinds, permanently obscured from us humans but privy to—whenever it suited him—our sorry state of affairs.


  1. God, too, may sit behind similar blinds, privy to our sorry state of affairs NOT whenever it suited him but whenever its the right time for him to help us! ;)

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