20 Thoughts Since My Bed Shook

-that Mother Earth may finally be shutting shop
-that we may die of too much optimism
-that we're not as smart as the ad guys make us believe
-that it's a good idea to be nice to your neighbours
-that the one thing that I'd want before The End is a party at Rashtrapati Bhavan
-that animals are better at disaster management
-that the we could do with less communication
-that the Lord moves in mysterious ways
-that we should be less greedy and competitive
-that Darwin was actually an intelligent monkey
-that we should walk more and eat less
-that globalisation is mentioned in the Vedas
-that Democracy is a lot like yoga
-that talking to plants is not a sign of madness
-that cows are the biggest humanitarians
-that seriousness is a communicable disease
-that there's more life in Mars than on it
-that sign language is good for losing weight
-that my mom is a heart specialist
-that we need to think about what we're doing here


  1. You meticulously wrote down all that came to mind after the bed shook? Good!

  2. wow.

    when my bed shook, I thought NOTHING at all.

  3. haha hhehaw haw!! :D) that was surely funny!!!

  4. Hmm. Sometimes shock therapy produces some strange/ironic results, no??

  5. Good one.

    I am surprised though that AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" didn't pop into your head? :))


  6. New mug-shot?! Oh, man!

    And talking to plants was never a sign of madness. NEVER!

  7. YESSSSS..... Athena I hear you.. and also RECOGNISE the weight and resonance of your words. BTW when did u last throw a tantrum??


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