Eternal Questions

What? Was the name of the guy who discovered the steam engine. Invented! Ok, invented the steam engine. Who was Watt? Some guy in England. But who was he, really? Who? Hu is some guy in China. Who is Hu? Think he's the PM of China. Could be the president also. One of them is Hu? Who? I dunno exactly. Also, Hao is somebody in China. How? How is who? He is well. But who is he? Someone in the Government. How do you know Hao? Know-how of what? Oh... through the papers. But what could be Hao? No Watt is no more. He died. I mean what is Hao in the Goverment? How would I know these things? Must be in the papers. Ok, how was Watt? What? Meaning Watt. Meaning what? No, Watt as in the engine guy. What was the name of the engine guy? Watt it was. Or wait, what did his name mean? Think bulbs. What bulbs? Bulbs' wattage, that Watt! Ok, that what what?


  1. Reminds me of Punjabi which chaabi noon key kainde ne?

  2. Waiter! Bring me whatever this gentleman's smoking!



  3. Ni hao Dhiraj! The new look is very chic. I do hope you were not party to this conversation, nor at its receiving end.

  4. Pareshaan... umm my Punjabi at best is very chalu... so kindly explain.

    Waiter: Sir, this gentleman has ordered our special: Lotus Masala. Try some?? :-)

    Thanks, I hope chic is good!! Party to this conversation? Nah. Just got it off my head. U sounded disappointed....

  5. yes the new look is sammaaart waala smart.

    didn't get pareshaan's punjabi pun either. maybe it's a whole story and he's already given us the punch line.

  6. Methinks
    Thanks, the new look is the result of a whole night's labour.

    I guess Pareshaan has some explaining to do...

  7. Dhiraj,

    chaabi=key. Also in Punjabi key/ki=what.

    Hence the statement is both a question and an assertation.
    Just like "what ka matlab kya hai".

  8. Ok, yup, is cool! Chabinunkey!!! Chabinunkey!!! Chabinunkey!!! Chabinunkey!!! Chabinunkey!!!

    Ain't it???

  9. haha.reminded me of class tenth physics soon as the weird sir used to say watt,everyone would immediately throw back a 'what'.this used to go on for quite some time.

    ( its strange when blog templates change cause u feel uve come 2 a new blog! he. nice new look though)

  10. Oh my! The reds, blacks, yellows blinded me for a moment!

    Very hot look, huh?

    Your pixelated image speaks!

  11. Vaat lag gayi!
    VAT lag gayi!
    What say?
    Watt say!!!

    The Voltaic effect ion your page says it all!

    Smiles( though right now there is nothing to smile about),


  12. Thanks people for noticing the change! Am going through a 'bright patch' therefore the blinding colours! Kindly put up with me.


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