Big Moon Road

A black patch
of concrete--
broken stars
in coal tar,
on a big-moon
night, grinning
under a mercury
lamp, a few
dry leaves get
hit crossing
the road
by a whiff
of silver
taking them
off course into
a pool of clean
and settled rain
water, collected
two days ago,
the leaves
now wet and
laid-back float
like lazy tourists,
looking up at
the big moon,
the mercury
lamp glaring
at them for
being free.

Written this afternoon, a few hundred hours after the 'real thing'.


  1. Good going Gautami!! "All you do is shine" especialy worked for me!

    Mikra, the real thing was the real scene that played out one night right before my eyes.

  2. Oh, the thought of that sort of 'inspiration' didn't even occur to me. But Mikra being inspired by the moon isn't that uncommon, is it?

  3. Absolutely! Perhaps it is just that Lorca's poems about the moon were what came to my mind at that point.


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