It's Called Halal

Delhi has seen many battles and sacks. But this was by far the most cowardly. I, like so many Delhiites, am shocked at the cold logic of the slaughter. The time of the year. The timing. The areas. Nothing could have been more evil in intent and scale than yesterday's blasts.

I cannot for the life of me understand what cause this is that blasts its way through people's homes and livelihood. Rips open bodies and turns a city in celebration into a city in mourning. Turns a living city into a smoking charnel ground. What kind of justice are these people seeking? What kind of 'better world' are they trying to bring about? What kind of freedom are they fighting for?

I can understand war. Fighting an armed and ready enemy. But this I cannot understand. Will not understand! Even animals have more nobility in their aggression. This is cold and cruel slaughter where the knife moves slowly but expertly, like a violin bow, slicing through flesh, muscle and bones without pity or emotion. It's a technique meant for maximum blood loss.

Incidentally, it also has a name.

It's called Halal.

Bleed your victim slowly, while saying your pious prayers.

This is the way I see it now.
But I am willing to be convinced otherwise.


  1. Very descriptive. In a situation like this where innocents die, no sympathy should be shown towards the cause of the perpetrators whatever it maybe.You are right. God knows what change they are going to bring about?

  2. so what happens when one of them comes across this post?

  3. There are so many people/groups around us who have reason enough to be discontented ( is that a word?) with the state.Anyone of them could have done this.

    Also, more than putting all the blame on someone, I think , one also needs to understand WHY someone does
    not justifying anything.But doesnt everyone have a reason behind doing whatever they do.Even someone who is killing in the name of religion ( that is, if we assume this was one of those too) ...why would she/he even think of doing it? Maybe cause they feel the state is not doing anything for them. which in many cases might be true too.

    can understand ur shock and anguish .am myself going through it.but can u be sure this act was linked to religion.why is every act of terror linked to religion and then to one single community.

  4. Yes Hiren acts like these come from a worldview of 'zero-tolerance', how then can it expect understanding from those not in it.

    Methinks, I really don't what happens then? Maybe you can help...

    therainandme, discontentment is no licence to blow up innocent people. Whoever these people may be they are just taking away all the sympathy the world may have for them by indulging in such acts of terror.

  5. Dhiraj, if you see this in the perspective of the history of the 20th century as a whole, you'd see that Islamic terrorism is a fairly recent phenomenon, starting with the Hamas in the 1970s.

    The Zionists, IRA, LTTE, Khalistan Liberation Force, they've all been there before. I remember my Sikh neighbour (10 at the time) burst into tears because another kid said that all Sikhs are terrorists.

    Also, halal has its equivalence in the kosher practices.

    I remain optimistic. If all other movements could be contained and reformed, so shall this one. Organizations need to be dismantled, cash flows capped, ideological training reversed. It'll take a while.

  6. This is a disgrace, I hope these buggers are caught and dealt with, unfortunately I don't think its going to happen.
    I also don't think this halal. It is the most haraam, to islam, to hinduism, to humanity.
    A haraam committed by haraamzyaadas. I hope we get them this time.

  7. Organized revolutions once meant the 'venting of frustration' for disillusioned young minds. They are no longer so, now it is all about Zombies blowing themselves up because they are trained to do so.
    And blowing up people in markets is the eaiest thing to do, so they do it.

    But may i ask something? What do we do about kashmir? There has to be a solution someday right? We either get rid of the damaged organ, or get it fixed. How vital is Kashmir to India after all? that should answer my question.

  8. Hey KD, revolutions still happen only their format has changed. The 'IT revolution' is also a revolution, where young people 'vent their frustration' with former modes of communication and information storage. They're building these huge virtual worlds in defiance of what was thought possible.

    Kashmir we'll do later... when the time ripe. And you keep writing, because you've got some amazing things to say!

  9. Sorry. The last line of my previous comment should have read "... if they cannot take responsibility".

  10. What a lovely play: Coincidentally, 17 years ago my wife (as part of a Feminist/Activist group called Tehrik-e-Niswaan (which means Women's Movement) took part in the play thatwas staged in Karachi and other Pakistani cities. My daughter, then 4, also appeared on the stage as part of the 'refugees' that were crossing over.

  11. Did you stand there in shock at the sight of
    that black smoke rising against that blue sky?
    Did you shout out in anger
    In fear for your neighbor?
    Or did you just sit down and cry?

    I talk to God, and I remember some good things he gave us --- faith, hope, and love. And the greatest is love.

  12. About the previous post, it is part of lyrics from a song written about the bombings in New York. Here (US) it is still a mixture of feelings about the horrific happenings of that day - everyone knows when you see 9-11 or hear those numbers what it is in reference to.


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