Medical Science, Hindi mein

Gyanocologist: One who finds gyan in strange places
Dharmasuitical: A company that has different rules for diff people
Vairagra: A pill for old sannyasis/yogis
Department of No-clear medicine:
For no-clear diseases
Karmatitis: Khujli caused by past deeds
Laabhorotory tested: Tested for profit-making
Acute arthritis: Confusion due to multiple meanings
Dayabetes: Too much sweet compassion


  1. Hilarious, how aboutthis:

    Kaamistry-the study of sex

    Aaspital-a refuge for the hopeless

    Aaashole-one whose has been successfully treated at the Aaspital

    Peedatrician-doc who looks after those in agony

    Narilogist-specialist in female problems

    Nurs-male patients

    Ooperation-a botched sugery

    Man they are terrible, but I had to give it a shot; could not resist

  2. i think all of you are funny ;)

    and i like ur new photu!


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